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The McClymonts – Changing New World Order – Girls First!

The McClymonts

There’s a distant rumble growing more prominent every day. Can you feel it?  It’s the warning of a rising storm and it centers on a country music trio causing a roaring thunder.  The McClymonts, this year’s CMA recipient of the “Global Country Music Award,” have literally crisscrossed earth in perpetual fashion, seeking out paramours of truth-ridden harmony and steel.   Writing nearly all their own music, these “Aussie girls” have obviously managed quite a stir. They have left sold-out audiences in their wake in native Australia, and have set their unwavering sights on new admirers to win over here in the United States.

Says Brooke McClymont, “We’re really easy going people. We love chatting with the fans.  We’re just three down-to-earth Aussie girls that have come to America and are kickin’ it all out.”

Kicking it all out is an understatement.  The McClymonts, which consists of sisters Brooke, Samantha and Mollie, started singing only five years ago professionally.  Since then, they’ve managed to bring home four trophies for “Group of the Year” from the Country Music Awards of Australia, and their latest album, Wrapped Up Good, which was released in America this past August, has had huge success globally as well.  It scored high, ranking at the # 2 spot, on the ARIA, Australian Recording Industry Association’s, Top 100, right behind Susan Boyle. According to Australia’s “End of Year Charts for 2010,” it outsold Alan Jackson, Kenny Chesney, Tim McGraw and Carrie Underwood.

The McClymonts “Wrapped Up Good”

“Let’s just have a crack at it,” says Brooke, referring to their decision to test the waters in the United States. “It’s a dream we’ve always wanted.  We moved here in June and we haven’t really looked back.”

The McClymonts spent an interesting 2010 with Jason Aldean on his fall tour and eventually performed with Lady Antebellum and, surprisingly, Ozzy Osbourne, with whom they once shared the spotlight at a bike festival in Sturgis, South Dakota.  According to Brooke, the difference between Aldean and Osbourne is obviously vast.

“He’s a character,” laughs Brooke, speaking on Osbourne. “He’s a different man.”

Their new album, Wrapped Up Good, reined in producer Nathan Chapman, who is also the producer for CMA’s Performer of the Year, Taylor Swift; and Adam Anders, Executive Music Producer of the popular show Glee.

The McClymonts are certainly climbing up the ranks of the talent-rich, superhot artists and Nashville is taking notice. Some of their most memorable performances to date was playing the Grand Old Opry – twice!

“The first time we were asked to perform was September 9th.  It went so quick that, when all of us came off stage, we were like, “Do you remember any of that?” That all went by so fast,” says Brooke. “I was so nervous being at the Grand Old Opry.  It’s got so much history and so many amazing musicians and artists that have stood on that stage before us. Then when we were asked the next week to come play again at the end of September, we were blown away.  We just enjoyed the experience because the first time just went way too fast.  I know we were really lucky that we were asked to perform twice. It was such an honor. It was lovely that we were asked, not only once but twice.”

Here’s The McClymonts with “Kick It Up!”

The McClymont sisters grew up in Grafton, New South Wales. They were encouraged from a young age by their parents. Brooke especially remembers singing for the first time in public.

“I was really, really young,” says Brooke. “I probably did my first public performance when I was 11 years old. Then the girls starting getting up and singing with me. We just had a knack for it.  So, very very early on we knew that we could perform and it was something that, at the time, we started as a hobby.  I never thought … We never thought … it could be a career.”

It wasn’t until they were signed on to Universal Records in Australia that she realized their musical path had changed so drastically. She said to herself, “Oh wow, this is actually a career.  It’s not a hobby anymore!”

Since then, reaction to their high-energy performances has been anything but tranquil.  All three sisters are gifted in many ways and each has something to contribute towards their overall success.

“We write everything,” says Brooke.  “We wrote 11 songs out of the 12 tracks of our new album (Wrapped Up Good). The first album, (Chaos and Bright Lights), we wrote everything.  Between three sisters and three girls, we’ve got a lot to say; and there’s nothing wrong with it either!”

“Save Me” by The McClymonts:

When it comes to fans of country music in Australia, there isn’t much of a difference than from those all over the world.

“Country music fans are all over the world.  I think they’re all the same except, here in America, there is just a lot more people.  Country music fans are loyal and they’re there from the day they find you until the end. The fans keep it alive.  They’re the same over in Australia as they are here.  They love country music.”

The McClymonts have enjoyed a phenomenal start already and their future looks as bright as a shiny new dime.  What are their hopes for the future?

“It changes day by day.  Everything changes day by day in our life.  I just hope that we’re still singing and still making music and I hope that people come out to our shows.  That would be awesome. “

Want additional information on this fabulous trio?  Check out their website and keep watching for more!


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