Republican National Committee Releases: “The Count”

WASHINGTON – The Republican National Committee releases the graphic “The Count” drawing attention to President Obama’s complete lack of positive message or vision coming out of last Wednesday’s debate. After failing to lay out a plan for his second term–let alone defend his first term–in last week’s debate, all the president has been talking about recently to distract from his poor performance is Big Bird and Elmo.

In order to try to get through to the Obama campaign, we enlisted the Count who determined that in President Obama’s events since the debate he has delivered 13 desperate one-liners that invoke Sesame Street characters, but has had nary a word to say about the crisis in Libya or his plan to fix the economy in the 2nd term.

RNC - The Campaign Count

“After last week’s inept debate performance, President Obama has offered voters only complaints and false attacks, making Sesame Street characters the cornerstone of his campaign” said RNC Chairman Reince Priebus. “While President Obama has managed to come up with some Sesame Street themed one-liners that escaped him on debate night, he has failed to come up with a plan for a 2nd term beyond his unyielding commitment to raising taxes.”


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