AlertID expands sex offender alerts to 200M across US

More than two-thirds of U.S. Residents Can Now Receive Free Sex Offender Information and Alerts via Mobile App and Computer


LAS VEGAS, NEVADA AND PALO ALTO, CALIF. (Oct. 16, 2012) AlertID™, the established leader in making the country’s public safety information universally accessible now makes up-to-date sex offender information and alerts available to more than 200 million people or about two-thirds of U.S. residents. Today AlertID is announcing the availability of sex offender alerts to residents in Massachusetts, New Jersey, Colorado, Kentucky, Missouri and Tennessee in addition to states already supported, which are California, Texas, New York, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Florida, Oklahoma, North Carolina, Georgia, Maryland, Nevada, Idaho and Arizona. Additional states will be announced soon. These critical alerts are delivered directly to members’ computers and mobile devices, thanks to AlertID.

Residents may register for free with AlertID, provide the addresses of areas they would like to monitor—home, workplace, school, park, shopping center or any other physical location (even in other states)—and then see a map displaying the locations of registered sex offenders in those areas. In addition, AlertID members will receive alerts on their smartphones, tablets and email whenever any information about existing sex offenders changes or when new sex offenders move into any of their monitored areas.
“Being aware of potential threats in their neighborhoods is crucial to helping families and communities protect themselves,” said Ken Wiles, CEO of AlertID. “Just think, Halloween is around the corner, and what parent wouldn’t want to know if a person living in a home on their child’s trick-or-treat route is a registered sex offender?”
In addition to delivering sex offender alerts, AlertID’s Secure Social Network provides a safe and easy way for individuals, families, communities, schools, co-workers, public safety officials and others concerned about the safety of communicating on social networks to share important information quickly.
AlertID’s Secure Social Network is built upon its proprietary two-way communication platform, offering not only sophisticated location and activity mapping, but also an interactive social network allowing members to share critical information with each other in a secure, graphically compelling way.
To sign up for a free account or for more information, go to
AlertID is the established leader in making the country’s public safety information universally accessible, helping people protect their families and communities. Alerts are provided by trusted sources including public safety agencies, local law enforcement, schools, neighborhood groups, neighbors, family members and friends. This first-of-its-kind, fast-growing network is the leader in helping people protect their families and communities throughout the United States and is poised to evolve into the world’s go-to public safety and security resource.
AlertID has proven to help reduce crime, using secure and proven technology to create two-way communication between citizens and Federal, state and local authorities to provide immediate information on crime, terrorism, natural disasters or severe weather that can threaten the safety of families and communities. Thanks to AlertID, two-thirds of the United States population (more than 200 million residents) can receive Sex Offender Alerts from State Sex Offender Databases. In addition, the AlertID Secure Social Network provides everyone concerned about the safety of communicating on social networks a safe and easy way to share important information quickly. In many communities, AlertID has partnered with law enforcement agencies to deliver local crime data (CAD) to members. Recent partnerships include the Alameda County (Calif.) Sheriff’s Office, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, The Nevada Department of Public Safety, Amber Alert and various counter terrorism centers, among many others.
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