North by Northwest at Old Theater, 1/18/2013

Oriental, NC – An Alfred Hitchcock classic thriller, North by Northwest stars Cary Grant, Eva Marie Saint, and James Mason.  Madison Avenue advertising man Roger Thornhill (Grant) finds himself thrust into the underworld of espionage in a case of mistaken identity.  Framed for murder and on the run from police and foreign spies alike, Thornhill must fight for his life as he makes his way west.   He manages to board the 20th Century Limited bound for Chicago where he meets a beautiful blond, Eve Kendall, who helps him to evade the authorities. His world is turned upside down yet again when he learns that Eve isn’t the innocent bystander he thought she was.  Not all is as it seems however, leading to a dramatic rescue and escape at the top of Mt. Rushmore. UNRATED

North by Northwest

North by Northwest North by Northwest

609 Broad St.
Oriental, NC 28571

Box Office opens at 6:00 p.m. ~ Movie starts at 7:30 p.m.

$5 admission includes free popcorn.
All proceeds go to the support of The Old Theater, a non-profit organization.

Michael "Beach Mick" Hudson

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Michael "Beach Mick" Hudson is the founder and Editor of Beach Carolina Magazine. Living along the coast of North Carolina, Mike has a passion for the beach and loves to bring news and events of the Carolinas to others around the world.

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