Flambeau Outdoors Introduces the New MAD R.I.P. Growl Deer Call

Flambeau Outdoors™ Introduces the New MAD® R.I.P. ™ Growl Deer Call
The Last Word in Calling Whitetails

Available July, 2013 – MAD is proud to present the new MAD® R.I.P. ™ Growl Deer Call. MAD continues to be a leader in whitetail vocalizations and deer call innovation. MAD calls are copied by all but duplicated by none, and the new MAD R.I.P. Growl Deer Call is no exception.

Flambeau Outdoors™ MAD® R.I.P. ™ Growl Deer Call

Flambeau Outdoors™
MAD® R.I.P. ™ Growl Deer Call

Based on the natural nasal/vocal make-up of a whitetail deer, The MAD R.I.P. Growl Deer Call emits the most realistic and natural whitetail vocals on the market.

Model MD-525 R.I.P. Growl; MSRP $24.99.

The MAD R.I.P. Growl Deer Call is the only call that combines a reflective nasal and vocal cavity. This unique combination processes the same volume of air as an actual whitetail deer. From the simple basic grunt to the newly discovered Growl, the MAD R.I.P. Growl Deer Call, with patented technology, will do it all.

Combined with over-molding technology, the MAD R.I.P. Growl Deer Call also has the ability to emit doe vocals. Using newly designed internals and Flambeau’s patented Precision Tone System every call will be spot on. Coupled with an attached Snort-Wheeze the MAD R.I.P. Growl Deer Call is the last word in calling whitetails.

MAD R.I.P. Growl Deer Call features include;

  • Patented Growl & Precision Tone System
  • Processes More Air Than Any Call On the Market
  • Combined Nasal and Vocal Chambers
  • Original Growl
  • Over-Molded Technology
  • Loudest Call on the Market
  • True Original Vocals

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