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Randy Travis – Influence Vol. 1 Review


There is no doubt about it – Randy Travis is back!

Nashville, TN – Multi-Platinum and seven-time GRAMMY winning Randy Travis is releasing his 21st studio album, Influence Vol. 1. It is a winner with every song. Soulful. Reflective. Fun. It’s good to know he is back and doing what he does best – making music; because that really is Travis’ niche. This new album is proof of that. Travis’ band members especially carry each melody noticeably well and really shine through the entire the album.

Country music star - Randy Travis

Country music star – Randy Travis

As the first song begins, his voice brings about a level of intensity, a rendition more passionate than anything else he’s ever done. He performs, Someday We’ll Look Back, with a richer, more soulful sound than its originator, Merle Haggard. It is a song which seems to reach out, pull you in, and let you know Randy Travis is here for good. Nothing is going to keep this multi-talented performer down for long. Another song on the album, What Have You Got Planned Tonight Diana, makes both of these tracks very befitting for Travis. They will make you stop and think about the possibilities in your life … and Travis’ as well.

There were a couple songs on Influence Vol. 1 that are hard to not set on continual repeat. Even though the first one on the album comes from the soulful side of Haggard, another song, Ever Changing Woman, tips the scales in a new direction – one with that toe-tappin’, waltzy style that Haggard, and now Travis, has perfected. Swing country never sounded so high-class with the new country version of, Big Butter and Egg Man, once performed by jawbone jazz man, Louis Armstrong, and His Hot Five, in 1926; as well as, Thanks a Lot, both performed originally by Ernest Tubb, and both equally catchy.

Travis gives Haggard’s old favorites, Pennies From Heaven and Trouble in Mind, a run for their money. You would never know there was any other way to perform these songs than with a shiny country-style, once you listen to these tunes from originator performers, Bing Crosby and Thelma La Vizzo. Travis also takes a well-known number by Lefty Frizzell, Saginaw, Michigan, modernizes it, and lays down a sweet Spanish guitar flare, which mimics the original but actually sounds better than ever.

Towards the end, Travis again throws in another deeply poignant tune, I’m Always On A Mountain When I Fall, which was written by the duo of, D. Kerran & Chuck Howard, and performed by Merle Haggard in 1978. With Travis’ new style for the song, and accompanied by his low-pitched masculine voice, the track makes you feel it’s meaning right away, a tune of heartbreak country that so many of us have grown accustomed to.

Back in line to his boot stompin’ roots, Because You Asked Me To, recorded by Waylon Jennings in 1973 and George “the Possum” Jones’, Why Baby Why, elevate this new album to premium-star status and one that, not just fans of Travis will be rabid to get but anyone with an inkling of affection for country music in general, should be demanding Influence Vol. 1, for their personal collection.

Travis’ closing song on the album is a dedication to old friend and colleague, Country Music Royalty’s, George Jones, Tonight, I’m Playin’ Possum, which he performs with Joe Nichols. The song debuted at the 2013 Country Music Festival, and is an iconic reminder of every country music fan’s great loss of George “Possum” Jones, in April of this year.

Randy Travis’ new album, Influence Vol. 1, will be out in retail stores across America on October 1, 2013.  Make sure you get yourself a copy!

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