Town of Surf City – Big enough to be competitive. Small enough to be happy.


Atlantic Ocean shoreline in Surf City

Located in the middle of Topsail Island, this town takes precedence.  Having a growing permanent community, Surf City sets the pace for all others.  With the town line extending onto the mainland, it has enabled construction of several housing projects and a new shopping center. Bright, pastel-colored beach houses sprinkle the sound and ocean front in all the tropical colors. Whatever your taste for a dream home, Surf City has just the right flavor!

The cost of living in the area makes it approachable for retirees, young professionals and many others that desire a change of lifestyle. The entire island offers up a place for anyone wanting to enjoy the shore with an uncrowded beach.

Most of the older, more traditional beach homes are slowly being replaced and there has been a considerable amount of new construction.  Once the secret got out of what a perfect place Surf City is to live in, the real estate value increased significantly.  The average range for a typical family home is in the $400,000’s.  Deep-water sound front can cost even more.  The ability to cruise a boat into your dock can be $700,000 up towards a cool mil.  However, anyone that comes to Surf City knows the real value.  With it’s hot, sunny summers and cool, mild winters, it’s simply the best place to be anytime of year.

Even though the island’s value has been bursting with significant change, the local residents have not.  You’ll still find a friendly crowd accumulating at the local coffee shop or favorite breakfast hot spot every morning to talk about the latest news.  The town is hearty with many social activities designed with everyone in mind. One thing is for sure, regardless of its growth, Surf City is determined to remain a family-oriented town.

Crowd gathering events are prevalent to Surf City. Last year, the Kiwanis Sun Fest and the Beach Music Festival brought thousands to the town.  The Kiwanis Sun Fest, held annually in late spring, is one of the highlights of the entire island.  Thousands come to enjoy the live bands, performance dancers, food vendors, crafters, and the famous Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast, which is the most delicious way to start your day! The event is held at the town’s Soundside Park, which also has a pier and boardwalk built around it where park goers can enjoy the sights and sounds of the area.

Whatever your dream house may be, it’s certain to be here on Topsail Island.  Prepare to be amazed when you arrive.  As you come over the bridge, leave your cares behind and enjoy the Topsail sunshine.

Put the clocks away. You’re on island time now.

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